A Look at Volunteer Feedback Analysis

Post date: Jul 08, 2013 4:39:5 PM

Two weeks ago, we launched a beta test of the TADPOLE stage of FrackFinder. As of July 1st, we served up 829 images, several times each, covering 20 counties in 3 different years. By that date, 31 volunteers submitted almost 5,000 responses. After analyzing their results, we've concluded that at least 8 out of 10 volunteers agree on a classification with a 99.6% accuracy and over 91% of the time volunteers were 99% accurate. Our volunteers have turned out to be such a great help. We now have 41 volunteers and we hope that as that number grows, we can continue to classify thousands more images while helping the public visualize fracking impact. Learn more about FrackFinder and help us out with Project TADPOLE.