SkyTruth Drilling Alerts is a repository of natural gas and oil drilling publications from SkyTruth. This includes maps, images, graphics and other information related to the drilling industry.

Drilling Alerts...

SkyTruth publishes a real-time feed of pollution incidents, drilling permits and other drilling related reports in the SkyTruth Alerts system. We publish National Response Center (NRC) reports for the entire U.S., and state reports for the following:

You can also subscribe to automatic email notifications so you will know as soon as a new report is published in your area of interest.

Drilling HotSpot and Drilling Load Maps...

SkyTruth applies a predictive model that shows which watersheds are likely to experience drilling activity in the near future, based on past drilling and recent permit activity. We produce maps based on this model with watersheds color-coded by predicted drilling intensity.

HotSpot Maps, for example, are used by local citizens groups concerned about the potential impacts of drilling to target areas for water quality measurement and monitoring.

Specialty Maps...

SkyTruth publishes other maps, images and graphics illuminating the patterns and impacts of oil and gas drilling in various places.

Examples include Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells throughout Pennsylvania and Drilling Activity in Allegheny National Forest.